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TAOG Membership
TAOG members and officers represent Ob/Gyn physicians and our patients at every level of local and state government. Officers are frequently in Austin, attending TMA, TDH and DSHS/HHSC meetings, meeting with legislators, and keeping track of pending bills and legislation affecting our patients and our practices. We employ one of the most outstanding lobbyists in Texas, and our presence as a medical society is well respected. Your dues help fund these efforts.

In addition, every year ACOG and TAOG jointly hold one of the most outstanding scientific CME meetings. These meetings provide CME and ethic CME credits, and provide great networking and fellowship opportunities with colleagues from around the state. Nationally recognized speakers provide updates in all areas of our specialty, and our business meetings will keep you informed on what is of crucial interest to you and your patients.

While ACOG represents us on a national level, TAOG is your state voice. We encourage all ACOG members to also join TAOG to help our efforts locally. We were instrumental in passing the direct access bill in 1997, and in liability reform. Help us to continue to work on the behalf of all of our women patients in Texas.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND QUALIFICATIONS (As stated in Article 1, Membership, of the revised Association Bylaws (4/1/2006)
Section 1.1 Fellows

(a) Fellows can hold office, are part of the general membership, and can vote.

(b) They must be residents of the state of Texas and licensed to practice in the state of Texas
except members of Government and armed forces.

(c) They must have graduated from an accredited ob/gyn residency program. Current Fellows/Life Fellows as of the date of these bylaws (April 1, 2006) are grandfathered.

(d) They must have practiced continuously for three (3) years in present locality, or passed the written ABOG exam (someone who is outstanding in achievements or training may be admitted to active status without the three (3) year requirement at the discretion of the Executive Council).

(e) 100% of the Fellow’s practice must be limited to one or both of specialties of obstetrics or gynecology.

(f) The candidate’s name must be proposed in writing by two Fellows in good standing (If the applicant is an active Fellow or Junior Fellow in good standing of ACOG, no sponsoring signatures are required).

(g) An application must be filled out and submitted by the candidate (including such information as age, school, graduation date, list of publications, etc.) and will be available to Executive Council.

(h) The Secretary-Treasurer will review the applications and submit the candidates to the Executive Committee for approval prior to presentation of the candidates at the annual meeting. The quorum will consist of 2/3 of affirmative of all members present at the meeting.

(i) All names will come before the Executive Committee and needs a 2/3 vote approval by the Executive Committee before presentation to the members at the annual meeting.

(j) First years’ dues are required to be submitted with application and will be refunded if the application is denied.

(k) The Secretary-Treasurer will notify the candidate the outcome of the vote, and if a favorable vote, a membership certificate will be issued; in the event of an unfavorable vote, the application fee/first year dues will be refunded.

(l) No individual will be elected to membership who has not been cleared through and recommended by the Executive Council.

Section 1.2. Inactive Fellows

(a) These are Fellows who are called into the armed or government service, and have been given a leave of absence by Secretary.

(b) They are not required to pay dues, and cannot vote or hold office.

(c) Upon termination of the service, his/her regular membership will be reinstated with written notice to the Secretary.

Section 1.3. Non-Resident Fellows

(a) These are Fellows who move from the state of Texas and request non-resident membership in writing. This is granted by Secretary-Treasurer.

(b) Non-Resident Fellows will not be required to pay dues and cannot vote or hold office.

(c) If Non-Resident Fellows return to Texas, they may ask to have regular membership reinstated in writing.

Section 1.4. Honorary Fellows

(a) The nomination of Honorary Fellows is vested in the Executive Council.

(b) These individuals must be outstanding in at least one of the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, proposed by Executive Council, and no application is needed.

(c) They may be elected by a 2/3 approval vote of voting members at any meeting of the general membership.

(d) Honorary Fellows cannot vote or hold office, and not be required to pay fees or dues.

Section 1.5. Life Fellows

(a) Life Fellows are Active Fellows who have been in good standing for at least 5 consecutive years who has reached the age of 65 years or older.

(b) They are automatically transferred to Life Fellow status upon written notice from the Secretary-Treasurer.

(c) Any Active Fellow who has been in good standing for five or more consecutive years and who becomes invalid or disabled, may request Life Fellowship in writing to the Executive Council. The approval of the Executive Council is needed for the individual to be placed on life membership roster. In the event that the Life Fellow’s health returns, and (s)he resumes medical practice, then the individual shall be reinstated as an Active Fellow.

(d) Life Fellows shall enjoy all privileges of Active Fellows, except they shall not be required to pay dues or special assessments.

(e) They can vote and hold office.

Section 1.6. Junior Fellows

(a) Junior Fellows must currently be undergoing residency or fellowship training in a subspecialty of ob/gyn at an ACGME accredited ob/gyn residency program in an institution within the state of Texas.

(b) The resident’s Program Director must propose and endorse the candidate’s application in writing to the Executive Council.

(c) The application form must be completed by the applicant and sent to the Secretary, who will present the candidate to the Executive Council. The candidate must be approved by vote of the Executive Council, and receive at least a 2/3 affirmative vote of all Executive Council members present, and the Secretary Treasurer shall submit these names to members at the annual meeting.

(d) The quorum will consist of 2/3 of affirmative of all members present at the meeting.

(e) The Secretary will notify Junior Fellow candidate of acceptance of the application.

(f) Termination of Junior Fellowship will occur if (s)he is no longer in an ob/gyn residency, or if the resident transfers to residency training occurs outside of the state of Texas.

(g) Elevation to Fellowship status will occur if the Junior Fellow has: 1) completed residency training in good standing, 2) passed the written examination of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3) established a location for practice within the State of Texas, and 4) is endorsed by two active members of TAOG in the community (if the candidate is an ACOG Fellow or ACOG Junior Fellow, then this endorsement requirement can be waived).

(h) 100% of the Junior Fellow’s practice must be limited to the fields of obstetrics or gynecology or both.

(i) If the Junior Fellow does not request to become elevated to Fellow status after 3 years following graduation of residency, the membership with TAOG is terminated.

(j) Upon request, if the Junior Fellow moves out of state to complete specialty fellowship training, the Junior Fellow status may be retained until their return to practice in Texas.

(k) Elevation of Junior Fellow to Active Fellow status will be vested in Executive Council by a 2/3 vote. On notification and approval, Secretary Treasurer will notify candidate and issue a fellowship certificate.

Section 1.7. Invited Fellows

(a) Invited Fellows must exhibit full time involvement in obstetrics or gynecology or both, or full-time activity with an ob/gyn department (cross appointment).

(b) The candidate must be by invitation and the application proposed by an active TAOG Fellow.

(c) An Invited Fellow’s application will be weighed on the contributions to the field of obstetrics and gynecology and must be discussed by Executive Council and needs 2/3 vote of approval to be presented to the general membership at the annual meeting. The quorum will consist of 2/3 of affirmative of all members present at the meeting.

(d) They must pay full dues, and cannot vote or hold office.

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